Michael R Beers, DDS

Dr. Beers has been our dentist since the mid-1980s. At first his office was less than a mile from our home in Burtonsville. When we moved to Fairfax, Virginia in the 1990s we continued to travel to Burtonsville for dental appointments because we felt very comfortable with Dr. Beers and his very pleasant and competent assistant, Joanne, who is also his wife. For the past two years we have been living in the Philippines. However, when we travel to the Washington area, we continue to visit Burtonsville for dental checkups because we are very satisfied with the Beers’ team.- Chris M.

Tired of most of your dental work being done by “techs” with very little attention from the dentist? Tired of the up-sell approach that promotes the high-profit solution whether you want it or not? Tired of dealing with office staff who don’t know the meaning of customer service, or worse, act as though they are doing you a favor. That has increasingly been my experience with medical offices, And that is why Dr Beers’ practice is such a refreshing find! Here, you will get one-on-one attention from the Doctor. Here, you will get full explanations of treatment options so you can make an educated decision. Here, you will get expert treatment that lasts. Here, you will be treated as a valued customer, with prompt, courteous service.

I have been so spoiled by the care and service Dr. Beers provides, that I continue to go to his office even though we have moved further away!- Pam F.

Before visiting Dr. Beers, I was under the impression that a dental appointment consisted of a taking off an entire day, waiting at least an hour, meeting with a dental assistant for 30 minutes, waiting another 45 minutes, then seeing the actual dentist for 10 minutes. Dr. Beers completely changed my perspective.

I have never had to wait more than a couple minutes to meet with Dr. Beers, and he is always fast and efficient. He does all the work himself and has no techs. Joanne makes creating appointments and dealing with insurance a breeze, and has gone above and beyond to make the experience as great as possible. Dr. Beer’s office has lifted the bar so high. I no longer dread going to the dentist.- Olivia J.